Instant Access to Nevada State, County and Municipal Records

"Publicly available records are a fundamental guarantee of our Freedoms & Democracy."
William Ratcher - Founder of

Nevada Public Records

The Nevada State Records mission is to provide every person the right to detect, obtain, preview and examine public records, consequently enabling the residents of the state of Nevada to preserve the knowledge about the state and the local government activities and the conduct of the people within.

The main purpose for giving the access to this information is to offer the citizens and any other interested individual the possibility to research for the requested information discreetly and in accordance with Nevada Public Records Law, which states that public records must be construed liberally: ACLU of Nevada.

In order to access, preview, detect and examine the given information the requester/ citizen does not have to specify the “need to know”, except the requested information is confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory or by juridical decision.

Nevada State Records fosters the information about the following subject matters: Criminal Records, Court Records, Vital Records and State Background Checks; summing of the information in over 23 million proper public records and granting the available information among a lawful, controlled and organized environment.

The search functionality provided in this portal are presented comprehensibly and immediately for state public access. Nevada State Records are gathered since 1851, counting down the information from 16 counties and are open resources to the public; thereby continuing to ensure that our community remains a “free and just” society for all.